Important Visitor Information

PLS NOTE: HH Karmapa teaches in ENGLISH – no translations will be provided.

Arriving at Solbo, Karma Dechen Ösel Ling, the Venue of HH Karmapa’s Visit

Solbo, Oppeby 246, 732 73 Fellingsbro, Sweden

You can drive or take a train to Arboga, Frövi or Örebro, and then a bus to Fellingsbro, the nearest village.  For trains look at the national railway site:

From Fellingsbro to Solbo (the venue), there is another 11 km more to drive,
the last few kilometers on dirt roads.  Road close the venue will be prohibited, 3 large parking areas will be provided.

We urge you to coordinate your driving with others, preferably by carpooling, in order not to jam roads and parking space, and also considering the environmental care.  Cars for disabled persons will be allowed to be driven very close to the venue.

NO parking on the sides of the roads, since they are very narrow, and we have to allow for fire-engines, ambulances etc.


Traveling straight from Arboga or Örebro to the retreat center:
take a taxi or preferably a bustaxi to Solbo, Oppeby.

Taxi from Arboga ​​​​​0589-66 66 66 , e-mail: i​
You may book a  taxi or taxi-van for up to 8 persons here.

The Bus from/to Fellingsbro Folkhögskola

Round-trip tickets will be sold in the morning at the bus (Fellingsbro Folkhögskola) by one of our volunteers and will house up to 50 persons on a first come first served basis. PLEASE NOTE: must be paid in cash and even money (150:-).  Ticket is ROUND-TRIP, do not loose ticket during day. Tickets can only be bought in the morning of journey.
Day 1 – 26th July
                      Leaving Fellingsbro Folkhögskola            12:00
                      PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE
                      EATEN LUNCH this first day,
                      since only dinner will be served
                      Leaving Solbo Retreat Center approx         19.30
                      NOTE: teaching finishes at 18:30 and there is
                      food for those who have ordered.

Day 2 – 27th July
                      Leaving Fellingsbro Folkhögskola            08:15
                      Leaving Solbo Retreat Center approx         19:30
Day 3 – 28th July
                      Leaving Fellingsbro Folkhögskola            07:45
                      Leaving Solbo Retreat Center approx         19:30
Day 4 – 29th July
                      Leaving Fellingsbro Folkhögskola            07:45
                      Leaving Solbo Retreat Center approx         19:30
Price:  150 kr round trip/day



At the venue, there is no accomodation, nor are there any grounds for camping, hence you will have to arrange for housing/accommodation either in Fellingsbro, Frövi, Arboga, Lindesberg or even Örebro.
Please see our list of possible lodgings, as well as camping grounds and more


The tickets are non-refundable, your payment will NOT be returned. 
The income from ticket sales enables us to afford the costs of the visit and any extraneous income will be donated to HH Karmapa, and to the building of the new temple at Solbo Retreat Center.

We urge you to print out your ticket in paper form, as reading electronic tickets might prove to be difficult due to very weak mobile (cellphone) reception in the area.

You must exchange your ticket to a wristband (festival-style) at the Registration/Ticket area upon arriving.
Ticket can be bought via the Internet up until the 19th of July, after which you may only purchase tickets at the venue (cash or credit card welcome).

The entrance is going to be open around 1 hour prior to any program and close 1,5 hour after the program has ended.
After 8 pm the venue is a quiet zone.


We do not provide any special arrangements for children .


Vegetarian meals (provided by local catering)  can ONLY be ordered at the same time as buying tickets.
The 100:- cost on the 26th of July covers an evening meal, the200:-/day cost on days 2 and 3 cover lunch and evening meals, and the 100:- cost on the fourth day covers lunch only.
If you have ordered food and have special requests, please mail us at

If you have opted for no meals, you have to bring our own.
Please note there are no places for preparing or heating food at Solbo.
The closest  food store is in Fellingsbro village (11km).

Regardless, we hope you will contribute to making this a successful and clean event, by making sure you do not litter.

Seating at the venue

We will provide a tent large enough to house the number of visitor-tickets sold. Do bring your own blankets and meditation cushions.   We will provide chairs.

Electricity/Telephony/Wi-Fi at Solbo

Mobile phones may or may not work due to the location’s remoteness.  This is a RETREAT place, and we ask you to refrain from calls, should you be able to get a signal (cannot be promised).

Likewise, Wi-Fi is limited to the administrative staff only.

There are no electrical outlets for visitors so make sure you load your camera and phone batteries ahead of each day.

Weather in Sweden

Generally end of July is the end of the summer, and temperatures are usually no longer in the high-twenties. Prepare for rainy days, by bringing an umbrella, and be prepared for evenings with mosquitoes, whose sting usually only causes itching, however irritating.


No animals allowed at the venue due to space limitations and with consideration for people with allergies.

 Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol

 are not permitted at the venue. The retreat center is a no-smoking area.

Please feel WELCOME to attend this unique event!